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MSPA Class Fees:

Term 1 – 10 Weeks                                 
€90   –  1 Class
€160 – 2 Classes
€195 – 3 Classes
€225– 4 Classes
€260 – 5 Classes
€295 – 6 Classes

Classes take place in:
Classes take place in:The Little Theatre, Skerries (Friday)
The Little Theatre, Skerries Community Centre

Skerries Scouts Hall (Saturday)

Classes available are:

Dance Classes

Musical Theatre

What Child doesn’t like performing in some way?
In our stage school we aim to build up the self-confidence and imagination in all of our students through song, dance & drama. We help your children to explore who they really are and prepare them for stage performances. We teach a wide variety of songs from old and new well know Broadway musicals, encouraging co-ordination and good posture. The children have great fun working with teachers to develop and perform their polished routines in front of an audience.
Our one hour class consists of 20 minutes body warm-up, then each week the teachers will work on teaching some dance steps. They teach in the form of Modern and Jazz and never go onto a new routine until every child is confident in the dance.


Tap dancing is a fun style of dance that anyone can learn. The most common style is called “Classical tap”, but other tap styles are “Street tap”, “Modern Tap”, “Funky Tap”, “Rhythm Tap” and “Broadway Tap”. Tap is an exciting form of dance in which dancers wear special shoes equipped with metal taps.
Tap builds strength in the legs and feet, in addition to increasing flexibility in the hips, knees and ankles. Tap dancing also develops a great sense of rhythm and timing. Here at MSPA we teach both Modern and Broadway Tap with a little Street Tap thrown in also. There are 3 class levels, Beginners, Intermediate & Seniors. Each student is accessed and put into their level of capability. Our Tap classes are now open to boys and girls aged 7-18yrs.


Our ballet classes will encourage pupils to expand their technique.  Ballet allows dancers to improve on Poise, Balance, Strength, Agility, Placement and Posture.  This will be taught through a variety of exercises and enjoyable dance routines.

Examinations will also be offered to pupils.

Jazz Funk – Competition Class

Our Jazz Funk Class will be on an audition basis.  There will be two levels of classes catering for both age and ability.  These classes will be entered into various competitions throughout the year.

Drama Classes

Creative Drama (Saturday)

Drama is all about finding out who you really are….
Here at MSPA, the drama teachers have great fun working with all the children, as it’s here they see their real personalities shine through.
Creative drama can include dramatic play, acting, mime, story telling, imagination journeys, theatre games and dance. Creative drama is all about “Let’s pretend world” in which a child can learn all about his/her emotions, while at the same time develop their imaginations and their confidence in a fun way. One of the special things about creative drama is that there are NO wrong answers.
Every two years, the older children work in groups within their class to write a short play, direct and perform in front of an audience. This develops them in many other areas of acting. They learn to act for stage, prepare a role and interact with other actors.

Page to Stage (Saturday)

Our Page to Stage students are an innovative and talented drama group created to bridge the gap between the creative aspect of drama and the challenges of character creation and script interpretation.
The youths involved in this company learn to act for stage, prepare a role and interact with other actors. This small group learn and bond in a creative and safe environment. They enjoy games, structured and unprepared improvisation, as well as script work; solo and group.
As the year progresses the students are encouraged to try scripts and characters they may find challenging, to push their creative boundaries and to improve their artistic skills, they will also have a chance to show the world their work in the form of live group productions.
Speech & Drama Exam Class (Saturday- Mixed Ages & Grades)

With over 115 years experience in examining, the Royal Irish Academy of Music is highly regarded as the most comprehensive speech and drama examining body in the country. Children will study performance, literature, public speaking and interview technique in our Speech and Drama Examination Class, with the intention to sit grade exams in June or December. The Speech & Drama examinations from Kindergarten to Grade 8 encompass performance in poetry, prose, drama, mime, reading, theory and conversation in a fun and comfortable environment. Children will be asked to audition for this class (pieces will be provided to students wishing to join in the first term.) the reason for this process is to ensure that class numbers are kept between 12 and 15. We must ensure that enough time is allocated to each student. The skills obtained from graded exams encourage pupils to be articulate, strong minded, loquacious and confident. All of which children carry forward to adult life.

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