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When you register with The Moore School of Performing Arts, we act as your agent and on occasion you may be given the opportunity to go on castings for TV, Film, Theatre, Voice over’s, Photo Shoots etc… Although on many occasions the student may not get selected after auditioning, it is a great and worth while experience for those wanting a career in the business.

Before filling out the Agency Register Form below, please read and understand the terms and conditions…


  1. MSPA (Agent) is solely responsible for getting you castings for TV, Film, Theatre and Advertising and will seek to gain employment for their client.
  2. Once you register with MSPA you become a member of the MSPA Agency, unless you inform us in writing that you do not want your child involved.
  3. The Agent will negotiate and collect fees and all other payments due to the Client on their behalf.  The Agent is authorised to sign all contracts / agreements on the Client’s behalf.  For this the Agent will take a commission of 20% on all monies earned.
  4. The Client should always put MSPA down as their Agent.
  5. The Client should never discuss money with the casting directors, that is the job of the Agent.
  6. When called for an audition, the Client should confirm with the Agent his/her availability and attend the audition on time and properly prepared.  If there is a situation where you know you will be late or unable to attend, it is vital that you let the Agent know immediately so they can let the Casting Direct/Production Company know.
  7. The Client should furnish the agency with an accurate email address and check it regularly to enable distribution regarding upcoming auditions and castings.
  8. A Client can attend open auditions but must inform the agent prior to doing so.
  9. A Client should never give his / her home telephone number or address out to anyone without checking with the Agent – always put ‘c/o MSPA Agency @ 087 8252395.  Once the Client has been booked, the Agent will provide information required by the production company.

Please fill in the below form to register with the MSPA Agency:

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