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Electric Ireland (May ’16) – Ava Mulligan
Tesco Supermarket (June ’13) – Andrea Hickey
Tesco Mobile (July ’13) – Nathan Joyce
The Credit Union (Sept ’10) – Alex Mahon
Eurosmart Packs (Mar ’05) – Jac Mordaunt
National Dairy Council (Mar ’06) – Daniel Mahon
Kellogg’s Cornflakes (July ’06) – Kalebh Fynes, Colin Orme, Sean O’Connor
An Post/Intel (Sept ’08) – Sallyanne Downes, Scott Travis


Pump up my Dance (Sept ’12) – Caoileann Woodcock
The Curious World (Dec ’12 – June ’13)Sennan Campbell, Lucy Kehoe, Eve O’Reilly
Forest Force (April ‘13)James Butler, Aisling O’Reilly & Emma Daughton
Move it (May ’13)Kaia Dorrity & Cathal Finnegan
The Beo Show (June ’13)Kaia Dorrity & Cathal Finnegan
Meet the Orchestra (June ’13)Cathal Finnegan & Doireann McAuley
2Tube (May ’14) – Alex Mahon

The Late Late Toy Show (Dec ’14) – Jessica Doolan
Ice – Film Review (Nancy Drew) – Nicole Watson & Leah Meagher
Ice – Discussion about Pocket money – Daniel Mahon & Thomas McHugh
The Breakfast Show – TV3 – All those who took part in Annie in the Olympia Theatre in June 05 & June 07
Kazoo – Christmas Special ’07 – Aisling Murray & Alex Mahon
Kazoo (Mar ’08) – Sophie Redmond & Ciara Reilly
Kazoo (Mar ’10) – Hip Hop dance Competition – Sarah Paterson, Leah Meagher, Nicole Watson, Megan Laverty, Niamh McGowan
The Rumour Room – Thomas McHugh

TV Drama:

Raising Children – TV3 Documentary – Lucy Kehoe
Loving Miss Hatto (April ’11)Claudia Joyce, Caireann Woodcock, Caroline Lynam & Karen McMahon
1914 Seachtar Anaithnaid – TV Docudrama – Abu Media (June ‘ 12)Ross McHugh, Sam Nolan, Alex Mahon
The Food Guide to Love ‘ (August ’12) – Dominic Harari & Teresa de Pelgri – Parallel Films & Tornasol – Ross McHugh, Alex Mahon, Ben O’Sullivan, Daragh Lynch and Diyar Suvari.
Mrs. Brown’s Boys (Sept ’13) – Laura Watson
Teacher’s Pet (May ’14) – Alex Mahon (Main Part), Aine & Ailbhe Rogers, Aisling Leahy, Aisling O’Reilly & Ava Mulligan

The Clinic (Aug ’06) – Emma Harmon
Roddy Doyle’s “New Boy” (2007) – Nicole Watson & Leah Meagher
Diary of a Show Biz Kid (Dec ’07) – Caoimhe & Niamh McGowan
Badly Drawn Roy (Sept ’08 & Jan ’11) – Martha Byrne
Tog Mise Leat (Sept ’09) – Jac Mordaunt, Craig Macken & Daragh Lynch
The Clinic (Sept ’09) – Jac Mordaunt
George Gently (‘Mar ’10) BBC TV – Daragh Lynch, Jac Mordaunt & Thomas McHugh
RTE Pilot Documentary by Blinder Films (June ’11) – Cian Byrne, Sean Flynn, Ross McHugh, Diyar Savari, Sean Ferguson, Cathal Finnegan & Callum Lynch
Movie ‘Citadel’ with Blinder Films – (July ’11) Cian Byrne
The Importance of being Whatever (July ’11) – Shane Browne & Daniel Mahon
Sing – RTE programme (Sept’ 11) – Aebh Kelly & Laura Watson


Gerry Ryan Show 2FM – Annie 2005
Newstalk – Annie 2007
RTE Jr. (The Den) – September 2010 – Chloe & Cian Tobin, Aoibinn Jones & Katie Atley

Theatre Work

02 Arena, London

World Skills Event (October ’11) – Daniel Mahon & Thomas McHugh

Bord Gais Energy Theatre

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (March ‘ 16) – Laura Fagan, Andrea and Tara Hickey, Rachel Kennedy, Cian Plant, Lauren Grant, Robyn Guildea, Lucy Maxwell and Holly Moore

Shrek (Nov ’14) – Andrea Hickey as Fiona

The King & I (May 2012) – Daragh Lynch, Jac Mordaunt, Alex Mahon, Ross McHugh, Diyar & Dara Suvari, Ruby & Daisy Pereira, Sorcha Delves, Andrea Hickey & Jane Maguire.

Oliver (Dec ’12 & Jan ’13) – Cathal Finnegan, Kaia Dorrity & Aisling McGuinness

Peter Pan (summer ’11)Michael Rose Productions – Ross McHugh playing the part of Michael (Wendy’s brother).

Olympia Theatre

Annie (summer ’05) – Jennifer Ferguson, Barbara Allen, Clare MacMahon, Alison Pyke, Sheena Lawlor, Martha Byrne, Niamh Walls, Christine Barnes, Karen McMahon, Sarah Ferguson, Avril Marrey, Alison Doran, Aoife Ryan, Orla McILwaine, Roisin Leneghan, Ciara McGuinness, Laura Watson, Anna Crowley, Leah Meagher, Kelley Brassington & Megan McNicolas

Bugsy Malone -Christmas Panto ’06 – Avril Marrey & Niamh Walls

Annie (summer ’07) – Caoimhe McCarthy, Martha Byrne, Karen McMahon
Leigh Hickey, Sophie Redmond, Kelley Brassington, Kerri-anne Boylan, Jadine Keogh, Ciara McGuinness, Orla McILwaine, Sarah Ferguson, Leah Meagher, Claire O’Brien, Sinead O’Brien, Kerrie Mc Mahon, Laoise McHugh, Caireann Woodcock, Anna Lattimore, Anna Crowley, Laura Watson, Nicole Watson, Megan Boylan & Alison Doran

Jack & the Beanstalk – Christmas Panto ’07 – Aoife Ryan

Beauty and the Beast (July ’08) – Jac Mordaunt

Aladdin – Christmas Panto –’08/09 – Aoife Ryan, Leah Meagher, Niamh and Caoimhe McGowan

Annie July ’09 – Niamh & Caoimhe McGowan

Robin Hood – Christmas Panto – ’09-’10 – Leah Meagher, Niamh McGowan & Caoimhe McGowan

Cinderella – Christmas Panto – ‘10/’11 – Niamh McGowan, Caoimhe McGowan & Laura Watson

National Concert Hall

Hello Dolly (summer ’06) – Anna O’Keefe, Sarah Ferguson, Aoife Quinn-Hergerty, Ciara McGuinness, Orla McILwaine, Claire O’Brien, Leah Meagher, Aoife Ryan & Laura Watson

Annie (Christmas ’06) – Niamh McGowan, Caoimhe McGowan, Roisin McNally

Oliver (Christmas ’07) – Niamh & Caoimhe McGowan, Leah Meagher, Jac Mordaunt, Eimear Sheridan & Noirin Kerr

Christmas Musical – A Christmas Carol – Laura Watson, Blake Webb, Thomas McHugh, Anna Lattimore, Jac Mordaunt, Kerrie Mc Mahon and Tiny Tim is played by Alex Mahon.

The Wizard of Oz – Dec 09- Jan ‘10 -
Teens: Caoimhe McCarthy, Katie Weldon, Shane Browne & Kerill Kelly
Kids: Kelley Brassington, Eryn Devine, Kerrie McMahon, Lorna McGuinness, Robyn Plant,
Alex Mahon, Ross McHugh, Thomas McHugh, Daragh Lynch, Jac Mordaunt

The Joy of the Musicals (June ’10) – Jac Mordaunt

Oliver (Christmas ’11) – Dodger – Daragh Lynch, Oliver – Alex Mahon, Chorus – Jac Mordaunt, Laoise McHugh, Cathal Finnegan, Ross McHugh, Andrea Hickey, Robyn Plant & Ava Mulligan

The Sound of Music (Dec’ 12 & Jan ’13) – Federick – Jac Mordaunt, Kurt – Alex Mahon, Martha – Doireann McAuley & Andrea Hickey, Puppets – Ava Mulligan & Aoibheann Horan

Annie (Dec’ 13 & Jan ’13) – Tessie – Doireann McAuley & Andrea Hickey, Orphans – Kaia Dorrity, Aisling McGuinness, Ruby Pereira, Andrea Hickey, Doireann McAuley, Ava Mulligan, Robyn & Cian Plant

The Snowman (Dec ‘ 14 & Dec’15) – Alex Mahon

The Wizard of Oz (Dec ’14 & Jan ’15) – Andrea & Tara Hickey, Robyn & Cian Plant, Ruby & Daisy Periera, Cathal Finnegan, Aisling O’Reilly, Holly Moore, Holly Grimes, Ellen Gilmore, Jessica Dolan & Doireann McAuley.

Bugsy Malone (Dec’16 & Jan ’17) – Alex Mahon (Bugsy), Clodagh Finnegan (Tillie), Aoibheann Horan (Dotty), Mike O’Sullivan (Knuckles), Aisling Leahy (Dotty), Ava Mulligan (Bangles) and chorus includes the following:- Aine and Emma Daughton, Lucy Maxwell, Mike Branagan, Cathal Finnegan, Cian Plant, Jessica Doolan, Emma Fagan, Lucy Hand, Tara Hickey, Rachel Kennedy, Emma Leahy, Doireann McAuley, Robyn Plant, Aine Rogers, Kate White, Aishling Murray and Daisy May Pereria.

The Wexford Opera House

The Wizard of Oz – Dec 10/ Jan ‘11 -
Teens: Katie Weldon, Shane Browne & Kerill Kelly
Kids: Robyn Plant, Laoise McHugh, Alex Mahon, Ross McHugh, Thomas McHugh, Daragh Lynch, Jac Mordaunt

Helix Theatre

Hospice Show – Mahony Hall ‘ (March ’12) – Various Students

NFTE Awards (Feb ’13) – Various students

Sleeping Beauty – Panto (Dec ’12 & Jan ’13) – Caoileann Woodcock and Clodagh Finnegan

Oliver (summer ’05) – Nathan Joyce

The King & I (summer ’07) – Thomas McHugh, Jac Mordaunt, Niamh & Caoimhe McGowan and Ross McHugh

Cinderella (Christmas) – Dec ‘09-Jan ‘10 – - Caoileann Woodcock

Charity Show – Mahony Hall (Mar ’10) along with Brendan Gleeson & Rebecca Storm –, Eimear Sheridan, Caoimhe McCarthy, Christine Barnes, Katie Weldon, Chloe Ridgeway, Meg McGloughlin, Tiffany Mongey, Karen McMahon, Claire O’Brien, Eimear Flynn, Aoife Ryan, Laura Watson, Sarah Ferguson, Megan O’Carroll, Niamh & Caoimhe McGowan, Leah Meagher, Anna Crowley, Ellen Ennis, Ciara Palmer, Caroline Lynam, Jenny McDonough, Caireann Woodcock, Nicole Watson, Kelley Brassington, Caoileann Woodcock, Laoise McHugh, Lainey O’Sullivan, Kerrie McMahon, Sarah Patterson, Lorna McGuinness, Kate Coghlan, Sophie Redmond, Sophie Costello, Kate Coghlan & our Glee Choir (Anna Crowley, Leah Meagher, Daniel Mahon, Thomas McHugh, Laoise McHugh, Sophie Costello, Jamie Maguire, Sinead O’Brien, Niamh Price, Amy Rufli, Eimear Finnegan, Eryn Devine, Jenny McDonough, Kelley Brassington, Caireann Woodcock, Megan Laverty, Niamh McGowan, Caoimhe McGowan,

Les Miserables – Sept. ’10 – Jac Mordaunt & Laoise McHugh

Christmas Panto – Dec ’10-’11 – Sarah Enright

Charity Show – Mahony Hall (February ’11) along with Brendan Gleeson & Rebecca Storm.

Aladdin Panto – Dec’11 – Jan ’12 -   Caoileann Woodcock & Clodagh Finnegan

Cinderella – Panto (Dec ’14 & Jan ’5) – Clodagh Finnegan

The Liberty Hall Theatre

Cinderella Christmas Panto ’07 – Orla McILwaine & Jac Mordaunt

Sleeping Beauty Christmas Panto ’06 – Laura Watson & Orla McILwaine

Tivoli Theatre

Cinderella – Panto (Dec’14 & Jan ’15) – Sarah Patterson

Snow White – Panto (Dec ’12 & Jan ’13) – Sarah Patterson

Sammy & The Beanstalk – Panto (Dec ’13 & Jan ’14) – Sarah Patterson

Cinderella (Christmas) – Dec ‘09 – Jan‘10 – Sarah Enright & Sarah Patterson

Beauty & the Beast (Christmas) – Dec ’10 –Jan ’11 – Sarah Patterson, Nicole Watson & Leah Meagher

Sleeping Beauty (Christmas) – Dec ’11 –Jan ’12 – Sarah Patterson & Sarah Enright

Rush Musical Society

Oliver (March ’06) – (Juniors) Shane Browne, Shane Halpin, Craig Mahon, Thomas McHugh, Sean Weldon, Daniel Mahon, Eimear Sheridan, Laura Watson, Aoife Ryan, Leah Meagher, Hannah Halkshaw, Niamh McGowan, Caoimhe McGowan, Orla McILwaine, Karen McMahon, Caireann Woodcock and Nicole Watson. (Seniors) Barbara Allen, Caoimhe Leneghan, Michelle Farrell, Aoife Grimes, Doireann Casey, Sophie Todd.

Pirates of Penzance (March ’07) – Caoimhe & Niamh McGowan

Hollywood Pinafore (Mill Bank Theatre – March ’08) – Caoimhe & Niamh McGowan

Fiddler on the Roof (Millbank Theatre Rush) - – March 2010
Leah Meagher played Shprintze. Niamh McGowan played Bielke. They both travelled with the Rush musical society to Sweden to perform for three shows. Kids Chorus: Caireann Woodcock, Caoimhe McGowan, Eryn Devine, Eimear Finnegan, Lainey O’Sullivan, Megan Laverty, Sinead O’Brien, Jac Mordaunt, Thomas McHugh, Ross McHugh, Cathal Finnegan, Sean Farrell, and Craig Macken.

Seussical (2016) – Doireann McAuley (JoJo), Jessica Doolan, Aoibheann Horan, Lucy Hand, Aine Rogers, Aisling O’Reilly, Emma and Aine Daughton, Mike Branagan, Chloe Tobin, Aisling Leahy and Kate White

Gaiety Theatre

Fiddler on the Roof (March ’11) – Jim Molloy Productions – Niamh McGowan, Leah Meagher, Lainey O’Sullivan, Megan Laverty, Caireann Woodcock, Caoimhe McGowan, Daragh Lynch, Ross McHugh, Cathal Finnegan & Jac Mordaunt

Annie (October’11) – Playhouse Productions Ltd – Red Team: Niamh McGowan, Leah Meagher, Caireann Woodcock, Caoimhe McGowan, Robyn Plant, Caoileann Woodcock, Aoife Joyce, Aisling McGuinness & Kate Coughlan and Blue Team : Andrea Hickey, Doireann McAuley, Laoise McHugh, Caroline Lynam, Eryn Devine, Sophie Costello, Emma McGuinness, Sophie Redmond & Sarah Enright.

Theatre Royal, Waterford

Les Miserables (April ’11) – South Eastern Youth Theatre – Kerill Kelly played the part of Thenardier.

Fashion Show

Roches Stores – Kate Monahan, Christine Barnes, Avril Marrey, Laura Watson, Josh Joyce, Craig Mahon, Daniel Mahon & Leah Meagher

Photo Shoots

Rain Jackets with Ian Demsey – Thomas McHugh & Leah Meagher

Welly Boots/Tipperary Water – Cathal Finnegan & Louisa Byrne

SSIA a/c’s – Alex Mahon & Ellen Wong

Voice Overs

Wonderland for RDS – Aebh Kelly, Leah Meagher & Daniel Mahon

RTE Jr – September 2010 – Chloe & Cian Tobin, Aoibinn Jones & Katie Atley

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