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Testimonials from parents and students from MSPA

Graham & Karen Harford  – Parents

As parents there is nothing we want more for our children than to be happy and healthy. The Moore School of Performing Arts provides that environment. There is a great wealth of learning through music, song, dance and drama. The children have a fantastic social interaction with each other and gain a mutual respect for one’s own abilities and the abilities of others. Our thanks to Susie, Michelle and all the teachers for the great times had at MSPA.

Therese McHugh – Parent

MSPA has taught my 4 kids commitment and team work. They all bounce out of bed on a Saturday morning and never have to be reminded it is “MSPA Day”. They love their drama, dance, workshops and singing classes. There is always a song from some musical or other being belted out in our house. From a fun thing to do Thomas hopes to make this his career. They have all developed a true passion for music and dance. Thank you to Michelle, Susie and all their great teachers. Keep up the great work and continue giving the kids of Skerries the opportunity of a lifetime. 

Carole Devine   – Parent

Eryns love for MSPA has been there for the past seven years and each time she comes home from her classes she is full of enthusiasm and joy. To see her come through the door with her feet still taping and hands still going it speaks for itself. Eryn has grown to be a very confident child and is now well able to express herself. Her love of drama has helped her down through the years. That has been down to the MSPA School. The training is fantastic and very professional. The teachers within the school work very hard with the kids to bring out each child’s potential. Eryn has met lots of very good friends and looks forward to meeting them each week. Well done to MSPA.  

Chris Kelly   – Past Student

It’s so much fun. MSPA was the highlight of my week for nine years. I’ve met some of my best friends there. I’ve learnt so much from them, they give you a brilliant grounding for any type of performance.

Sarah Enright – age 12yrs

Saturday is my favorite day of the week because I go to MSPA. It has become the highlight of my week. It is so fun because we are doing the things we love with the people we love. I look forward to every single class and I have great memories that I will never forget.

Eryn Devine – 13yrs

I have been with MSPA for seven years. When I first started I did Musical Theatre and Drama but as the years progressed I have been introduced to a lot more such as tap, workshops which include, Ballroom, salsa, rumba,& jive dance, Hip Hop and Capairo,MSPA choir. MSPA is also a great way of making great new friends. Since I have joined MSPA I have got a lot more confident. I love going for auditions. Each time I’m put forward for auditions it builds up my enthusiasm and confidence and I want to go again and again. There are fabulous teachers at MSPA. They encourage you in everything you do. MSPA is great and I know I will be keeping it up for the future.

Sarah Patterson – 13yrs

Absolutely love Saturdays – MSPS day!! The teachers are fantastic, you learn so much, we work really hard and we still have so much fun. Through MSPA I have had the opportunity to perform on TV, and be apart of the Cheerios Christmas pantos, The Helix and so many more great shows. Can’t tank MSPA enough for helping me to make so many life time friends. MSPA is really helping me to follow my dream……

Niamh McGowan – 14yrs

If it wasn’t for the constant encouragement and support from all the teachers at MSPA I wouldn’t have 

Gotten any of the opportunities such as shows TV, and so much more. I’ve been in MSPA for 10 years now with my twin sister Caoimhe and we’ve never looked back. There are so many opportunities within the school like the yearly summer camps, Boot camps, and performing with all the gang on the helix stage every 2 years. We love it all!!!!  We both have made life time friends and memories. We’ve enjoyed every single day of song, dance and drama with MSPA because it’s just the best fun ever!!!.. We just love it and are so proud to be apart of a group like MSPA. 

Caoimhe McCarthy – 17yrs

I’ve been with MSPA for 13yrs and have so many memories which will stay with me forever. MSPA gives you the ability to gain confidence and show off your many talents in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere while doing the things we love. The opportunities we are given and the friends we make are just fantastic and life long..  Thank you so much to all the brilliant teachers in MSPA.

Leah Meagher – 13yrs

What can I say?? MSPA is my life!!. The many opportunities and wonderful experiences I have had are life time memories that I will never forget. I’ve met some amazing people, made so many friends and much more and it is definitely the high light of my week. With MSPA I have been given so many opportunities such as, been apart of the Christmas Pantos, MSPA shows, Rush Musical Society shows & TV work. Every Saturday in the different classes I attend I always have so much fun but at the same time we work very hard to achieve high standards. MSPA has given me so much confidence and I thank all the teachers for helping me and telling me “” you can always achieve your dream”, you just have to work hard and believe in yourself. xx

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